Ongoing Research

Women’s Peace Activism

We are currently working on a research called “Women’s Peace Activism” which has been produced with the support of the EU Sivil Düşün Avtivist Programme. Our goal is to examine women’s activism in struggle for peace in five different countries of conflict and post-conflict experience and collect women’s stories in a book to be published at the end of October 2016. During the research, we collect data for each country (including the Balkans, South Asia, West Africa and the Middle East) to specify the characteristics of the conflict and the society. After this first step, we determine the women organizations or initiatives that are most coherent for our study. After that, we conduct interviews with those women and work on the interviews to form the suitable texts for our book.

Our motivation behind this study is to give inspirations for women’s struggle to end more than 30 years of war and build a sustainable peace in Turkey, which is devoted to a gender perspective and acknowledges the risks for women who are the most affected social group in conflict/wars. This research and the book will be the first stage of our long-term goals for working in the field of peace and gender. We hope to contribute to existing struggles for peace in Turkey by researching experiences from different parts of the world and we also seek to contribute to ongoing knowledge on peace studies through the experiences of women in Turkey.



Sivil Düşün EU Programme