The Middle East has always been of key importance for international politics and its fate governed by dominant powers. However, unnoticed of this, a great number of disqualified currents of thought and people’s movements for freedom and equality have in fact been crucially influential in the region. Yet, official discourses and rigid state structures have always tried to suppress these struggles. More recently, these strong grass-root movements have achieved an international dimension and some of them have lost their democratic character due to their collaboration with dominant and hegemonic powers.

Existing studies of the Middle East have generally focused on the official reading of history and thereby neglected the egalitarian social struggles and the local histories of the people. In contrast, DEMOS conducts research on the base of the truths and neglected histories of these many social movements, which provide the space in which society develops its own values and principles. Consequently, our studies are guided by the perspectives of these democratic, communitarian and egalitarian movements, rather than the official writings of centralist powers.


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