Voices from DEMOS

With Voices from DEMOS, a project we initiated in March 2020 shortly before COVID-19 became part of our lives, we have been sharing our studies and analyses regarding our work areas via podcast series. Our aim is to bring to our audiences our discussions around the various approaches we frequently employ in our work such as subject-centred, bottom-up peacebuilding with a gender perspective in order to provide an alternative to mainstream narratives and contribute to peace efforts in Turkey. In order to achieve this, we try to convey in an accessible language the theoretical and practical developments in the various disciplines covered by our work areas.

In Voices from DEMOS, we produce content in three separate formats. With “In Our Focus” (Odağımızdakiler), we share current research, debates and analyses in the disciplines and areas DEMOS researchers work on, as well as host guests in these areas. These series give us the opportunity to discuss issues in depth. In “Selections from the Field” (Alandan Seçmeler) we cover reports on peace, democracy and human rights published by international organizations, international/local NGOs and research centres hosting the contributors of said reports where possible. Finally, in “Current Peace Affairs” (Güncel Barış) we look at contemporary developments in the world in areas such as confronting the past, peace and justice, and provide an overview of the historical and political backgrounds of these developments in microcast format.

Voices from DEMOS is available on all podcast platforms including SpotifyApple Podcast and Google Podcasts, and we welcome your comments and suggestions through our social media channels.



These podcasts are prepared with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Turkey Office. The views expressed in the podcast do not reflect the views of FES Turkey.